6 Tips on How Your Business Can Make the Most of This Year’s 4/20 Celebrations

By BCB Staff Writer

In the cannabis industry, 4/20 is known as the High Holiday, where consumers, advocates, business owners and enthusiasts alike come together to celebrate the end of prohibition. While there’s many theories on the history of April 20th (some say it was a code among police officers, a specific time when San Rafael students would meet to smoke and a host of other theories), we all know what the celebration of cannabis means to the economics of the cannabis industry.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely been thinking about the best ways to connect with your consumer audience and demographic. Here’s 6 ways your business can make the most of the cannabis industry’s most famous date. 


April is an excellent time to reevaluate your systems and content ahead of the spring season. Much of the country is thawing out from long winters and as the seasons change, so, should your outreach and branding strategy. Freshen up the look of your website, marketing materials and update your newsletter layouts as the bloom begins.

Sales and Product Development

April 20th is a consumer’s holiday, especially if you’re in one of the newest states to legalize adult-use. Create something that marks the occasion of what the celebration of 4/20 means to your brand’s movement. Specify segments of your business and marketing that are curated to highlight products in new and unique ways. It’s a day when everyone is paying attention.

Special Programming

On a day when everyone who consumes cannabis and is talking about the importance of consumption and availability, there’s no better time to refine your messaging. Many cannabis companies use the High Holiday to outline their objectives and commitments to initiatives that create social impact.

Connect With Strategic Partners

Everyone in the cannabis industry wants something different. Many advocates want to create a more equitable industry and increase minority ownership, others want a regulated market with less red tape, and others simply want a more accessible adult-use market. Explore where your company falls on the spectrum and connect with those doing the work.

Create Community

A wise person once said, “come together, right now” and while they weren’t necessarily talking about a smoke session, we advocate for making it so. Networking with those in the industry will be high on the agenda for this year’s celebrations. Bring together consumers, business owners and the like to connect on shared values, organizational missions and old fashion “shop talk.”

Make an Impact

Owning a business in the cannabis industry isn’t easy, especially if you’re a minority owner. As your business becomes more established, take what you’ve learned and offer resources or coaching support to a small business owner just getting started. Network, share educational resources, and shout out businesses on the rise. It feels good to support the cannabis community and your company will gain more support.

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