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KRMA Media Inc is the premier publisher of B2B content for
African Americans doing business in the cannabis industry

Black CannaBusiness Magazine is a subsidiary of KRMA Media Inc, a black woman-owned company helping Black professionals accelerate their involvement in the cannabis industry. BCBM is both an online and print publication that cultivates authentic relationships amongst Black owners and customers in the legal cannabis space. We actively support the growth of Black cannabis business owners through education, outreach, and business partnerships.

We are also an open community and a growing audience of business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to increase exposure for their business/organization, to learn the business of cannabis, and to network with others.

The Black CannaBusiness team is committed to providing new offerings and consistent information to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. As a resource for Black entrepreneurs and business owners, we highlight the many ways one can get involved in the legal cannabis industry. We’re also providing real-life experiences of our members to inspire and guide other successes.

Meet our team members.

About Black CannaBusiness | Black Owned Cannabis Business Magazine

Kristi Price | Founder

The Black CannaBusiness platforms allow our partners to present their brands to our readers, showcase their businesses, and learn the ins-and-outs of scaling a profitable canna-business.  Our business collaborations help our partners leverage their reach even as we continue to educate our audience about the business of cannabis.

Tipping the Scales for BlackCanna Businesses

For decades, the war on drugs has unfairly targeted communities of color and led to the incarceration of thousands of our Black men and women. We’ve also seen the lack of diversity in the industry online and at various events, expos, etc. We are removing the misconceptions surrounding the industry and reversing the negative stereotypes of Black people and cannabis.

A high barrier to entry and heavy regulatory frameworks affects the involvement of Blacks in the industry. Coupled with this is the marijuana information gaps affecting Black business owners and consumers.

Black CannaBusiness seeks to change the narrative and put the power into Black hands to own and operate Black cannabis businesses. Our voices won’t be silenced, and our successes ignored. Our aim is to reduce the wealth gap for Black business owners in this space, whether they are directly involved in cultivating or supplemental services to the business.

This all makes BCBM the ultimate platform for Black entrepreneurs and business owners to learn about the industry and find resources to scale their cannabis-based businesses to 7 and 8 figures. Through the resources and knowledge provided, African Americans can lay claim to this lucrative market that marginalized us.

Black CannaBusinesses Magazine

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