As we kick off our Making History everyday campaign, we start with Entrepreneurial Activist Karim Webb, founder of 4THMVMT.

By BCB Staff Writer

The work of 4thMVMT is designed to create a more equitable America. The organization’s vision for entrepreneurs will remove barriers to entry like access to capital, operational resources and networks required to start and grow a business. 4thMVMT is the brainchild of Los Angeles native Karim Webb whose latest work with entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry creates thriving leaders in the space. 

Last November at the Black CannaBusiness Conference & EXPO, Webb outlined his goals and objectives to increase the participation of Black and Latino owners and operators in the cannabis space. Karim Webb and 4thMVMT are Making History Everyday by making sure that the idea of social equity exceeds the cannabis industry and covers all human beings existing equitably in America.

Black CannaBusiness sat down with Aja Allen, owner of the central  L.A, dispensary 64 and Hope, last year before the Black CannaBusiness Conference to talk about how she began her career in cannabis and how her partnership with 4thMVMT made the difference.Take a listen to that conversation here.

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