QR Codes to Log Cannabis Products

By BCB Staff Writer

QR codes were created to act as a liaison between a consumer and an advertisement.

Those who were interested in the product on the billboard or in the magazine could simply use a smartphone to scan the code and immediately have information. This wealth of facts at the touch of a screen opened up industries to heightened consumer engagement.

It should come as no surprise that in an industry that seems to be shrouded in mystery as the marijuana and CBD spaces are, QR codes could take that step toward full product transparency. In a time when teenagers are more apt to go out to the parking lot with a vape pen instead of a cigarette, it was thought to be a rather harmless alternative. When children and young adults began dying, the cannabis vaporizer industry had to take a moment and re-evaluate the next steps.

An additive, vitamin E acetate, was found to occur in the contaminated vaping products, and those were eradicated from the market. Even still, the vaping industry took a devastating hit. Only recently has the market begun to climb again, but with a change of the lens through which the industry was viewed. Consumers are asking for more information about what they are putting into their bodies, and vape companies are hoping to lay out the facts clearly and concisely: through QR codes.

Lucid ID, a technology founded by NY-based cannabis tech company Lucid Green, displays state-approved lab results, proper dosages, effects, ingredients, third-party user reviews, and a variety of in-depth product information. Lucid ID also curates tests like cannabinoid profiling, terpenoid profiling, heavy metals screening, microbiological contaminant screening, pesticides screening, and residual solvent screening, and calculates the TAC, or total active cannabinoids.

It should come as no surprise that in an industry that seems to be shrouded in mystery as the marijuana and CBD spaces are, QR codes could take that step toward full product transparency.

As consumers reach for more transparency, certificates of analysis are becoming increasingly crucial for sales. A COA allows detailed lab information to be available for every marijuana product, but some states are not enabling this option. In essence, a COA explains proper procedures for vape cartridge use. These COAs are readily available by scanning a product’s QR code on an Android operating system.

Regarding high-tech ways to thwart counterfeit vapes, Airgraft, a vape tech manufacturer, created chipped pods, which correspond to a vaping device, i.e., a pen. This makes sure that only approved pods will work, and furthermore, each chip connects to a specific oil batch, validating that each oil is safe and legitimate for consumption.

In order to stop this harmful health emergency from happening again, the cannabis industry put forth six strategies to engage with consumers effectively. These included honing a marketing response and providing clear lines of messaging to the public, considering the farm-to-table approach and potentially implementing it, diving into the internal workings of your business and looking for holes, educating retailers about product ingredients and testing procedures, offering an array of cannabis-related products, and diversifying suppliers. Bringing past consumers back to a tainted market is difficult, but in a space like cannabis, return buyers make their opinions known through purchasing habits. If there’s an issue, a lack of company transparency is probably to blame.

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